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You might not know the potential of data analytics until you try it for your casino business.

Data.Casino is a platform that helps your casino business grow and flourish through integration of analytics and big data tools.

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Gaming centres are turning to data analytics to make the gaming experience better for customers while also keeping the casinos solvent. Keep them coming back!

According to Yahoo! Finance, some large casino resorts are using big data and analytics to examine where their customers are spending their money when at the hotel whether it be on a particular slot machine or out to dinner in one of venue’s restaurants. Studying the patterns allows the facility operators to offer incentives to bigger spenders and to ensure that gamblers don’t lose so much money that they leave.“They could win a lot or they lose a lot or they could have something in the middle,” Gary Loveman, CEO of Caesars Entertainment told Yahoo Finance. “So we do try to make sure that people don’t have really unfortunate visits.”

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